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Topical Steroid Withdrawal success stories, expert advice and community support. Disclaimer: Please note the advice given within the podcast does not constitute individual medical advice, and it is important you discuss your personal situation with a qualified medical practioner.

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Sunday Jan 23, 2022

Essential Listening! If you are going to miss one episode of the TSW podcast, make sure it isnt this one! Jennifer Fugo, Clinical Nutritionist, Chronic Skin Rash and Gut Expert and host of the Healthy Skin Show podacst talks to me about all things TSW recovery.
Jennifer shares her clinical experience of working with clients with TSW and skin rashes, and what she has learnt from conversations with experts on her podcast The Healthy Skin Show. We talk through the many options for managing and supporting your body through TSW as well as identifying and managing and your original skin rash issue. We cover Jennifer’s top tips to start building better skin resiliency now, microbiome, supplementation, nutrition, medical industry awareness, adaptogen controversy, root course analysis and and help bust some TSW myths.
Jennifer and her practice work both with individual clients and provide a online group course to help your develop a healing plan, and you can find more details on her website.
Disclaimer!: It’s important to seek expert individual guidance, get tested and get a personalised plan before supplementing. This episode does not constitute individual medical advice! We really hope this episode helps you in your journey to recovery. 
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Saturday Jan 15, 2022

Luke Jacobsma is such a joy to talk to - his energy, advocacy and amazing array of experiments to support his healing makes for an amazing story. In this episode of The TSW Podcast Luke shares his journey's highs and low, his advice for anyone new starting TSW as well as his passion for coaching and music.
Luke also features in the upcoming TSW documentary -Skin on Fire by PCRfilms. The documentary will be released on youtube on the 25 January.
Prescribed music video:
Coaching: @reprogrameverything 

Saturday Jan 08, 2022

Louise King has been a leading voice in the TSW community; documenting her journey's highs and lows on Instagram, she's contributed to the creation of Scratch That and Decoding Topical Steroid Withdrawal and has now opened a clinic supporting and treating TSW sufferers in the UK with business partner Jing. In this episode Louise talks openly about her journey to recovery, what she tried that worked and didnt and what advice she would give to anyone entering TSW.
Facebook immunosuppressant support group: 'Using Oral Immunosuppressants in TSW Support Group'
Instagram: @TheTSWPodcast

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