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Topical Steroid Withdrawal success stories, expert advice and community support. Disclaimer: Please note the advice given within the podcast does not constitute individual medical advice, and it is important you discuss your personal situation with a qualified medical practioner.

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Monday Nov 07, 2022

Ben Atherton shares his expedited TSW recovery story, his guidance and how he navigated living with his GP father during withdrawal. Ben has so many great pieces of advice and has a really balanced view of his journey to recovery. I hope you all love this episode. 
Book recommendations:
The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
The Expectation Effect by David Robson
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Sunday Oct 09, 2022

The International DJ Chloe Robinson joins us to discuss recovering whilst driving her career forward. We discuss continuing to embrace life, juggling career, dupilumab/dupixent, jak inhibitors, mental health, travel, social media and red light therapy.
You can connect with Chloe on instagram @cholerobinsondj and listen to her music on spotify and soundcloud @chloerobinson

Sunday Oct 02, 2022

Welcome back to the TSW  podcast. We are thrilled to bring you this episode with Dr. Greenberg  to discuss TSW recovery the natural way. Dr Greenberg is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Registered Herbalist RH(AHG) in the US who specializes in integrative dermatology. She is passionate about natural skin care and believes that many of today’s chronic skin diseases can be healed by using evidence-based alternative treatments. In this episode we discuss adrenal insufficiency, insomnia, what is happening in TSW vs Eczema, PH of healthy skin, bleach baths and staph infections.
You can find out more about about Dr Greenberg at  as well as listen to the other podcast episodes she has featured on.

Sunday Jul 10, 2022

Rachael Pontillo joins me for an insightful conversation on the skincare industry, what one ingredient natural products to consider using to support your skin during recovery, what to avoid at all costs and she shares some powerful insights that will help us all protect going forward.
Rachael is a IAHC and AADP Board Certified International Health Coach, Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner, Licensed Aesthetician, best selling author of 'Love your Skin, Love Yourself'; and natural skincare formulator and educator. She has treated many TSW clients, supporting their journey to skin health.. and Rachael has the most beautiful skin imaginable... so she definitely knows her stuff!
Instagram: @rachaelpontillo
Web for skin care and health coaches:
Hydrosols, hydrolates, herbal waters

Saturday May 07, 2022

If there is one episode I am super proud of, it’s this one! Anya Charnaud BA(hons), FDsc,PGcert,PGdip, MA, MBACP acred is an integrative, trauma specialist psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. She has experience working in complex mental health, addictions and has worked with victims of modern slavery, human trafficking and sexual violence. Anya has been my psychotherapist for just over a year now, she was aware of TSW and provides insightful and practical guidance.
In this episode we discuss TSW trauma and PTSD, what is happening in the body and mind during and after trauma. We talk about coping strategies, and practical tools you can implement. We cover some really challenging subjects, including suicidal ideation and the symptoms of PTSD and triggers - so you may want to stagger your listening. But I do know the guidance, and EMDR exercise we go through were invaluable to me and I hope they will be to you.
Please could you share this episode with all of your TSW social media followers -  we never know who might be struggling at any point and this episode might just give people the support they need at this time. 
If you are struggling now please do use 999 or 111in the UK or the emergency services in your country. 
Anya Charnaud BA(hons), FDsc,PGcert,PGdip, MBACP acred
Integrative and trauma specialist psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. If you would like to work with Anya you can contact her at
Please note Anya is not a crisis service if you are in crisis or need urgent medical attention please call 999, your GP or the NHS 111 service. 
Resources and references discussed during the podcast:
Gabor Mate ‘When the body says no’.
Trigger warning: Bessel van der Kolk ‘ The body keeps the score’
Trigger warning: Viktor Frankl ‘Man’s search for meaning’
Theories and techniques
Polyvagal theory - vagus nerve’s role in emotional regulation, social connection and fear response.
EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
TRE: trauma release therapy - TRE® : Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, an Introduction with Jessica Schaffer - YouTube
Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) APT service
Metanoia institute linked to the new school of counselling and psychotherapy. 
Shakti /Acupressure mat: The Shakti Acupressure Mat - Total mind and body relaxation – Shakti Mat UK Cheaper alternatives can be found on amazon
CosiCare ice roller. Discount code ‘RELIEF’

Monday Apr 25, 2022

It’s up!! This one is a corker! Louise and Jing @tsw_trooper share their insights and experience from treating clients at the Skin Solace Clinic in the Uk They give tips on handling the summer months, protocols to expedite healing, products they’ve personally found useful and non irritant and how treatment works at the clinic. 
Product recommendations including @cosi_care @childsfarm @cjay.serum, Ecover Zero @ecover_uk and ‘snow pillow’ are below with discount codes where they exist.
I hope you enjoy this one, I personally love these girls, and please do share with other members of the community!
Cosi care: 10% discount with using ‘Relief’Snow Pillow :’s farm: 25% discount with: louigiskin25Skin Solace Clinic :

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking to Daisy Malin (DaisyMalin_Skin on instagram) about her recovery to date, how life has paused in some areas, but how she has personally evolved in many brilliant and unexpected ways. We speak about having courage to go out and face the world, natural healing, TSW social media pros and cons and relationships.
Daisy is the co-host of the 'Itch n Bitch' podcast with Katie Mackie, which discusses living with a range of skin disorders, including eczema and TSW.
Daisy refers to the TSW Atlas video during the episode which can be accessed here; An Overview of TSW

Wednesday Mar 16, 2022

Kelly Palace is a force of nature! Co-Founder of ITSAN in 2012 with Marvin Rapaport MD, Kelly, together with Dr Rapaport blazed the way for recognition and awareness of TSW. Kelly acted as the President for 6 years before handing leadership across to a member of the executive board. 
In this episode I talk to Kelly about long haul healing, mindset and visualisations, the impact of stress, relationships and intimacy, the joy of waking up and knowing it’s over as well as establishing ITSAN and acting as a beacon for us all.
Thank you to @ITSAN for making this episode possible and congratulation on the 10 year anniversary.
You can find Kelly over on @championsmojo, her award winning podcast and links to resources, her book and the products we discuss are all linked in the show notes.
Sending you all healing love • Clare • The TSW Podcast •
Kelly’s podcast:
Top episodes from Champions Mojo for TSW:
Products we discuss: Eucerin Eczema Relief and Remedy Anti Fungal Soap
Kelly’s book available on kindle: ‘Take your mark, Lead!’

Cara Ward: Healing Naturally

Sunday Feb 27, 2022

Sunday Feb 27, 2022

I talk to Cara about her recovery in a time where information and resources were limited, her personal commitment to natural healing, writing, advocacy and coping with post recovery trauma. Cara is a real inspiration and has been a leading contributor to raising awareness and providing support to sufferers throughout her own journey. We hope this episode fills you with confidence and positivity about your body’s own ability to heal.
Cara’s blogspot is full of wonderful resources and information on tsw and can be accessed through -
Disclaimer: This podcast does not constitute medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your GP or medical practitioner.

Tuesday Feb 01, 2022

Marvin Rapaport MD is widely accepted as a leading physician in Topical Steroid Withdrawal. In 1978 he established the contact and photo dermatitis clinic at UCLA and identified TSA and TSW as a consequence of topical steroid use. He has dedicated his life’s work to raising awareness of the condition and preventing needless suffering. He has written and contributed to numerous white papers on the subject, treating thousands of patients in his Beverly Hills, CA, clinic and online and has acted as the driving force behind the Skin on Fire documentary, produced by PCH Films. It was an absolute honour to speak to Dr Rapaport about all things TSW and his continuing work to ensure the condition is widely accepted.
Disclaimer: This show does not constitute personal medical advice and you should always seek the advice and guidance of your own general practioner or doctor on your health.
Dr Rapaport Clinic and Virtual Consultations
Skin on Fire documentary
White papers on TSW

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